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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Gallons and gallons of soup

Yesterday I finished 1 of 3 flannel throws. I feel like I have gotten back in my groove.
I did a backwards binding and just sewed it on. I think this will cut down on the wear and tear of the quilt. The binding is the only part of a quilt that I have had to repair, after it was loved too much by a child. More often then not, I am now sewing the binding this way for children's quilts. For a traditional quilt, I will still sew the binding down by hand.
Top and bottom pic. This will definitely keep someone warm. Flannel top, warm and natural batting, lastly thick fleece backing. This will be good to cuddle with on those 3 days we might have snow this year (my own prediction of Paradise's winter weather).
I made gallons and gallons of turkey soup. We had 3 turkeys for Thanksgiving, so all those other bits, besides the breasts, (legs,wings, back and all those bones) went into a BIG pot on the stove. I added 3 quartered onions, 1 whole head of celery, 3 bay leaves, 1/4 cup of peppercorns and filled the pot with water. It boiled for about 3 hours, until the broth reduced to half a pot. Let it cool. Then I de-boned it and filled containers for the freezer. Of course we have a pot for dinner, along with a nice crusty bread. We now have turkey soup antioxidants coursing through our body. This is one of my Husbands favorite things, after turkey sandwiches. He and PugsLee were picking in that pot all evening. He can't seem to get enough, well after all these container of turkey, maybe he will get his fill.
Keep warm and well, Brandie

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