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Friday, December 11, 2009

Read or Sew

I have been with "Kinsey" since the early days. Not quite the beginning, but since about "D". I lied and finished the book yesterday morning. Didn't get much sewing done, the book was more interesting. If any one you read Sue Grafton, her new book is definitely worth it.
I don't think I have introduced you to Victoria. She is an 11 year old female, large sulphur crested cockatoo. She came to live with us after we spent a year in Australia. Australia's native birds are everywhere. They would come down to the ground and forage in the dirt. After seeing them everywhere, I wanted to bring one home. I could buy a cockatoo for $10 Australian dollars. At that time our American dollar was worth twice as much as theirs. But the down sides were, the birds were wild, and the birds had to spend 3 months in quarantine, at a great cost. Not all animals in quarantine survived. We came home and within a mouth, we heard of a breeder who was selling an adolescent cockatoo. Long story short, we bought her and she has been living with us all these years. She's a good bird and very personable and friendly, not what we would have with a wild bird. She was hand feed from birth and I don't think she knows that she is a bird. She is a great amusement in our house.
Today, Victoria is going to help me remove pins. This is one of her favorite things, that and button removal.
Keep warm, Brandie

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