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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

And the last of the UFO's

This is it, the last of the UFO's. Aren't you as glad as I am that the list has stopped? This is a list that seems achievable. I had added another William Morris block, before I lost the fabric to another stash buster. Like that was going to happen. I did change some of the pattern pieces, they were quite small and not easy to work with.
And don't forgot the Dresden plates. I will be able to make them with ease with Donna's gift. This is what I really want to start with. But we will see.
Yesterday I had a little visitor. She and I had a fun day.
We read books. Played with blocks. Chased and kissed PugLee.
We ate mac and cheese and lots of green beans.
Even PugsLee wanted in on the fun. The little Cutie was so sweet and good. And she ended the day by falling asleep in my arms. Boy, I sure miss those days. So Thanks Mom for letting her visit. Someday when I have grand kids, they will be so spoiled.
Take care, Brandie

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nicholeregnier said...

aww my little princess. I love how she says your name now!! Its just addorable! Thank you for watching her I really appreciate it!! You are so wonderful with my kiddos and we all love you very much!