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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

More UFO's

Also from this basket of UFO's.....
I think this was a class in April of 2007. Gail am I right? I forced Gail to take this Feather Star class with me. This class was taught by Goldie. She taught us how to do this new paper piecing technique with freezer paper. It was a great technique that I have continued to use. I liked this pattern so much that I made two stars. I loved the other and this one not so much. Until I discover it again. WHAT WAS I THINKING? It's gorgeous! So now is the time to finish it.
This was another class, taught by Jozette. Do you all remember the sunflowers on batiks from my early posts? She made that quilt and taught me these new applique techniques for this quilt. Click on the pic to enlarge and look at the woven basket. That's why I took this class, I was "like how did she do that?" I did start to add some quilting designs to this quilt and I have the backing for it, so what's the holdup? Now the question will be, which one to start with.
I'll be back with more tomorrow, Brandie

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