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Saturday, December 5, 2009


I did it. I had to go out and buy fabric. My purpose was to buy the French General, Rouenneries. Well when I started looking around, I saw the Astor Manor collection in layer cakes. There was a defect in the pack, so I was told it would be 15% off. Well I did love the fabrics and the defect was on a pink, not my favorite, so I guess I needed to take it home. Do I have plans for it? Not yet, I'm still thinking.
Well I still yearned for the Rouenneries in jelly roll form. I thought they would be gorgeous as Dresden plates. So I went back to Morning Star and was very focused about my purpose in the store that day. My only problem was what to put the Dresden plates on? Well Debi, Talked me into the layer cakes as the background. Brilliant, now I'm just poorer. Still the best decision.
I'm an impatient person. I wanted those Dresden plates done last night. But I didn't have a fan or wedge ruler. How hard can it be to make my own template? I worked on that template till about 9pm last night and quickly cut out some wedges. Sewed them together and went to bed.
I thought I had done alright, till I took the pictures this morning. I only have 9 wedges. Fail.
Lurline has done a tutorial just yesterday on how to do them. I need help! I'm not a math whiz by any stretch of the imagination. I'm going to try again with Lurline's help, and if that doesn't work, I'll break down and buy the ruler.
Have a great weekend, Brandie

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ranette said...

Brandie...I think your little dresden has a charm of it's own, don't you? Do you love the FG fabric??? I cannot wait until I have some time to work with some of mine.