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Monday, December 7, 2009

Weekend Forcast

This weekend my friend E came to visit. We have been wanting to do a project together and found one in my new book. We both are using the same design, but our fabrics are vastly different. E is using Christmas prints while I am using the same as always.
I did manage to finish 3 of 3, in the flannels.........
After my hearty smiling breakfast.
My Daughter came to visit (do laundry), and played dress up with PugsLee. I think PugsLee is fine with the scarf, she use to be dressed in baby clothes.
There has been a prediction of snow. So we went out and bought a indoor house for the outdoor dog. After a bath, he settled down and dried off. PugsLee was having nothing to do with him. She is kind of a priss.
As of this morning, there is still no snow, thank goodness!
What did you do this week end?
Keep warm, Brandie

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