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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Style vs Comfort

I was sidetracked yesterday. I had to read my new book. It was too cold to sew. If I don't read this book, Kinsey will be left hanging. I haven't finished it yet, maybe Friday.
All of yesterdays plans will have to be done today. I'm meeting Gail this afternoon, so I should get a lot done.
Last night was wonderful, the temp was higher (29) and the bed cozy. The Princess in me has retired. I think I put aside style for comfort. I've already given up heels for flats, at 5-8, heels makes me too tall anyway. Unless they're cute. I've traded thread count for warmth. I've given up on contacts and always wear glasses. What is next? No more hair appointments? No more makeup? Mascara is something I wont leave the house without, I wouldn't want anyone to know that my eyelashes are invisible. Will I start wearing grandma clothes? Moo-moos and elastic waist pants?

Today I hope to finish up all the Christmas gifts and start on my William Morris blocks. Of course our Guild is starting a UFO challenge to finish up all those projects. I should start working on those. I really don't know how this happened. I've always prided my self on finishing something before starting anything new. But I suddenly have about 10 UFO's, and that's without looking too hard. If I can lose my way here, I could lose all sense of stlye. It could happen.
Hopefully I will still be the same stlyish person tomorrow, as I sit here in my unmachting flannel Pj's and bed head. Too late, It's already happened!
Take care, and stay warm, Brandie

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