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Friday, January 28, 2011

More Mistakes

Wooo weee! I finished! Ain't she cute? I had a every productive afternoon. I sat down and finished all those blocks, after coming to terms to the fact that they aren't all perfect. I even had to add a plain fabric to 5 blocks in the same place as the word fabric was on the others. I wasn't as upset about this as I was with upside down or backwards words. After all, this is a scrap quilt. I used up all my leftover word fabric, all that dark purple triangles, all the light purple triangles and the focus fabric. Now I have more room in my stash!
I celebrated by buying more Mary Ellen's starch and 4 cones of thread. Now I'm set for a year!
If you are looking for a fun and quick quilt project, I highly recommend Lori's doll quilt. Her instructions are always the best. You can make it her way or make to match a focus fabric, like I did.
I'm thinking I may add a pieced border. What? I don't know yet. When I come up with something, I'll show you.
Oh and I think I'll keep the poll going on the name. I think we all agree that "Violet Beauregarde" is the best name. And if Beauregarde means beautiful in French, I think the name is even better. BUT... Hubby wants you all the say "Checks and Violets" out-loud and then decide. What does is sound like? He think this is a clever name and I usually let him name my quilts because he does come up with some great names.
So if you haven't sent in a vote, please do when you get the chance.
Have a Wonderful weekend.
Take care, Brandie


Sue-Anne said...

Your quilt looks fantastic Brandie! And well done of using up some of your stash!

Linda said...

I love it!! I'm telling you...doesn't look like there is any mistakes from here!! AND it's just beautiful. Plus, it's like a free quilt since it's all from your stash! :-)

andsewon said...

What a lovely quilt! My pal Alice would love it...she is a purple kinda gal!;-)
Looks great to me. Sometimes we just have to let the small things we cannot control GO...less stress that way!

Béa said...

WOW ! beautiful version hugs from France.

Impera_Magna said...

I love it... the quilt top is just beautiful!

Vivian said...

I enjoy seeing other color options. This one is a wonderful version!