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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Triangle Exchange

Here we go. Are you ready for some triangles? If so, this is what we will do.
If you want to participate in this Triangle Exchange, you need to send me your address and I'll send you 1 completed sheet of triangles and 3 unsewn sheets.
I bought these Thangles at my local quilt shop. I thought if we all had the same pattern, there would be less room for error. I'm using the 2 1/2 sheets.
Step 1. Find a light fabric and dark fabric. I looked in my scraps. You just need two 3 X 8 pieces.
Step 2. Layer the pieces and the paper together.

Step 3. Pin those pieces and take them to the machine. Sew on the dotted lines.
Step 4. Cut on the solid lines, iron, than tear away the paper.
Easy- Peasy.
So who wants to play? Send me you address and lets make some triangles!
Again, I'll send you 1 sheet sewn, 3 sheets unsewn. That will be 2 for you to sew and one to give away. All I ask is that you send me back 1 sewn sheet.
If you have a copier, you can make your own copies from the ones I send you. Get more friends involved and you'll get back more triangles.
So lets get to it. There are many patterns to use our triangles.

Take care, Brandie


Lee said...

I have never seen Thangles before but I am in! I am sending you my address! thanks!

Linda said...

It sounds like so much fun!! I think I'm too crazy busy right now to commit. Too many other things going on! :-) I hope you'll do it again because I've always wanted to participate in something like that.

Sharon said...

Be careful with the photocopying, First off the machines may distort, then a copy is copied and well, you get my drift. Second is the type of paper, regular photocopy paper is the pits for any type of foundation sewing. It's a PITA to get off.

Diamant said...

Would like to try this, Does it apply to overseas quilters too ?

Diamant said...

Really enjoying the fact that I can make accurate triangle-squares using this method. Just posted mine back to you.