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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Little bits of Beauty

So I did actually get some sewing done. I've been meaning to start Lori's new doll quilt, but was to stressed and didn't feel I had the time. But now I'm just going to take some time for myself and try to stop feeling like everything has a due date.
So I looked around in my stash and found a 1/2 yard of this pretty violet print. Since it's my stash, I know that there were no plans for this fabric, ever. I just bought it at a quilt show because I knew my MIL liked violets. I'm sure there was the thought that I might someday make her something out of it. But I think this will be a better use. I like the thought of using it now and freeing up some space on my shelves.
I know that these are not Lori's colors, but unlike her, I don't have a surplus of cheddar. Maybe that's because I'm lactose intolerant? Someday I'll be lucky enough to find some lovely cheddar that I love, someday...
After my walk yesterday, in our beautiful sun, I went the long way home. I made a stop at one of our towns numerous thrift shops. I just felt the need to spend the $15 dollars in my pocket. Well whatever the reason, do you want tot see what I bought?

These 3 lovely linens. I'm still in the Valentine mood. How beautiful does that Batten-burg lace look on top of this red silk? Fabulous, now I just need to come up with a quilting design.
Those little embroidered baskets are also right up my alley. It's not a Valentine, but pretty all the same.
There were 3 of these little napkins, but I'm not complaining. These will also make beautiful Valentines.
Back to the house work. I need to finish that before I sit at the machine and finish up Lori's blocks, other wise I'll be quilting naked and hungry. Don't worry, I won't take pics of that!
Take care, Brandie


Lori said...

I adore your violet and green doll quilt!! Have you thought of a name?
I love your thrift store finds too! Very lovely!

Linda said...

Don't you hate it when house interrupts the fun things in life?? :-) Love your thrift store goodies!! Beautiful! I love Lori's little quilt too, but no time here. No cheddar either!! LOL!

ranette said...

I think the violet print is beautiful...

Lee said...

Thrift stores are the best dont you think? The embroidery is great on the table runner.

Carrie P. said...

Just finished catching up on your posts and the purple quilt looks great. I actually like both names. I guess it will be up to you now.
Love the linens you found too.