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Thursday, January 13, 2011

No Pastels!

Yesterday I went down to visit my friend Gail. I don't think I've mentioned before that she is a homeschooling teacher. In fact, she was my Daughter's algebra teacher. One day I was waiting around for my Daughter and I was probably appliqueing and we started talking about quilting. And before you knew it, we were meeting, or trying to meet, once a week.
So yesterday I went early and helped out at school. Doing what you ask? Definitely not math! There was a sewing class and Gail thought I might want to help out. This was right up my alley! There were about 6 girls that showed up. One was only 8 and she was one of the best at the machine. Obviously she had been at a sewing machine before. She had even brought a stuffed Platypus that she had made. It was so cute and so was she. I had so much fun that I'm going to try to go back often. It gave me a warm fuzzy feeling all day!
After class, I managed to finish up that little quilt. No fancy quilting, just more stitch in the ditch. I just love using up scraps! That focus fabric has been around for awhile. It was a peachy-pink and I had a hard time matching pinks to it, so I'm glad it's gone.

And speaking of scraps...
I cut out all these squares from several scraps that were taking up space. These will be made it triangles, ala Edyta Sitar style. Then these triangles will be used in that untraditional baby quilt. Do you remember that dino quilt? The one with the car crash? Well this is baby quilt will be going to the same parents and they are not traditional. No filly pink or baby blue for this family. The Mother is having a girl this time and because my Daughter is her friend, I'm hearing a lot of " no, she wont like that" or "that's too pastel-y". Mom likes purples, olive or avocado greens and browns, No PASTELS! I think those dark squares above foot the bill, I hope.
Can you tell what this is? Give you a hint, it's big and likes the water. It's a hippo, a girl hippo. Since I saved out one of my diaper bags, the green elephant print, I thought I make a quilt to match, sort of. So I sat down with a pad of paper and sketched out some animals. Todays animal is the hippo. I think I love her! Just fat enough! All my animals are chubby, just like a baby.
I sure hope this isn't to pastel-y! I haven't given her a tail yet. All the tails will be 3-D. I also need to put legs on the blue bird. And maybe some grass...
Close-up of her eye and teeth. I used misty-fuse. I don't usually like to glue fabric, but for this application I did. There is a lot of thread work in the next step. Not to mention all those triangles that I will be using as sashing.
Time for me to get to work!
Take care, Brandie


Lee said...

Wonderful work! I really like the print you used for the hippo and then the blue bird really sets it off. For sure its not pastelie!

Chocolate Cat said...

The sewing class sounds like fun to help at! Your hippo has the most adorable eye and teeth!

Linda said...

Hippo is adorable! Little quilt is great! Sewing class sounded like a lot of fun!!

Diane H said...

Very creative Brandie! That's going to be a fun quilt for a lucky little girl. Glad you had fun at the sewing class I'm sure the students loved having you there.

Sue-Anne said...

How good of you to teach some little girls the art of sewing. I am pleased that you enjoyed it. Your pink and green quilt looks lovely and I am dying to see the finished baby quilt. Your Hippo is really cute!