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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Lemons and Crewel

As you recall, during Christmas, I made up at lot of jams and jellies. Then my MIL asked if I wanted more lemons to make lemon curd. I said I'd take as many as she wanted to give me.
Wrong choice of words! She showed up with 2 plastic grocery bags full of lemons. So guess what I've been doing?
You guess it. More curd. Now my only problem is jars. I keep running out of jars. I may just have to go buy more. But then the next question is, who is going to eat all this curd?
Since I was already cooking, I sautéed some leeks and added some potatoes and crispy bacon. It made a lovely soup and I love the gently green color. I feel it's important that our food looks as good as it tastes and color is so important.
After dinner I got back to those bags. I have been prepping and cutting out fabric for my bag production. Part of the prepping is quilting around all the raised crewel work. It also gives the bag more stability.
I'm waiting to have all the bags done before I show you. But guess what? I will have a couple of bags for a give away! So come back tomorrow to see where I'm at (hopefully done and on to something else).
Take care, Brandie


ranette said...

I'll be back tomorrow for sure. The fabric you are using is beautiful. My sister just got a rug and a chair that look very similar.

What do you use lemon curd for? My daughter Allie made a cake this Fall with some in it (between the layers I think) and we bought two different brands because the first jar she opened smelled horrible, but the second brand was good.

The leek soup looks yummy!

Linda said...

Soup looks so delicious!! I could use a bowl today, it's freezing cold and roads are so icy. Don't worry "I'll BE Back" LOL! tomorrow for that giveaway. Your bags are gorgeous!!

wendy said...

How lucky you are to have lemons on your doorstep! Your curd looks delicious, and homemade soup is one of my favourite meals.
Your bags look sooo good, clever lady.
I will be back.

Lee said...

The lemon curd looks so yummy and pretty! I do think food should look as good as it tastes too!
Your bags are the best!