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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Violet Beauregarde or Checks and Violets?

So I have a question. Which or these two names do you like? Violet Beauregarde? Or Checks and Violets? This little doll quilt needs a name. Please just send of a quick comment and help me out with this. I can't have a quilt without a name, that's cruel. I just can't decide for my self.
This little quilt has been consuming my time. I have made many a hand full of these little scraps which I guess is appropriate since the blocks are so small.
I also discover a problem. Look at these two blocks and see if you and see the problem.
Can't see it? Look at this block... it's perfect.
Now look at this block. See it?
The word fabric is Not going in the right direction. In fact it Can't.
I've learned something... apparently when you cut directional fabric into triangles, you should have cuts going to the the left and some to the right.
So now I have 11 perfect blocks and will have 10 non-perfect blocks. I sure hope it doesn't bug me too much. Gail says I need to let it go. We will see if I able...
Last nights completed blocks. Look at the fun secondary pattern. I am making more blocks to finish off the 1/2 yard of violets. I hope to have all the blocks finished by this weekend. I keep having to cut out more pieces. And I may have to substitute different fabrics.
Well when you have a change give me your vote on the name.
Take care, Brandie


wendy said...

Our native violets are called dogstooth violets, maybe with those lovely points????
I really love your linens and the valentine idea, keep up the good work.

debbie said...

I also hope you're able to let it go,that the words are not all going in the same direction. I just had this same conversation with a friend about quarter square triangle blocks and stripes.
I'm not sure about the name, no preference except the word Beauregarde reminds me of a John Prine song I have not heard in about forever and a day.

Lee said...

I love the Violet Beauregarde as beauregarde in French means beautiful... and it is beautiful. I love the violets and the words going different ways would not bother me - I say let it go.

Lori said...

Violet Beauregarde is so cute! I was looking really hard to see the "mistake"- never did find it. That is not a problem in my book!!

Linda said...

Violet Beauregarde ALL THE WAY! That is the cutest name for a quilt EVER! Quilt looks beautiful to mistakes. I love it.