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Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Sometimes the best gifts are things you didn't even know you needed or wanted. Like this teapot. I didn't even know I needed it, but now I don't know how I lived without it.
I used to use my Grandmother's teapot. But then I started thinking I was using it to much and it might break. So I put my Grandmother's aside and used a cheap $10 teapot I picked up somewhere. That worked out for awhile, till I broke the spout.
See I'm not really a coffee drinker. It makes me too hyper or jumpy. Yes occasionally I get a real big boost of energy, then a head ache. And this is with decaf. So I drink tea, all kinds.
From chai to oolong, it's all my favorite. Today as I sit here, it's a white tea with peaches.
So back to the teapot. You know how the first cup is always perfect and hot? And any cup after that is maybe warm or just plain tepid? Well with this pot, I just put it on my wood stove and I have hot tea all day long. The pot can't break as it's made of cast iron, so I might also be getting some vitamins?
This gift from my Husband was a sleeper, till I poured my fist cup of tea. And since I can't break it, it might become a family heirloom, just like Grandmas.

I may take a break for a couple of days. I don't have anything going on right this moment, but if I start something, I'll be back. Going to just take a couple days to myself and some books.
Take care, Brandie


Lee said...

The teapot is adorable too! You deserve a break and I am not only saying that because I won one of the lovely bags :) Thank you again though!!

Sammy said...

Beautiful teapot Brandie. I love the color too.
Actually I am a collector of teapots , and a dedicated tea drinker myself; However, I can't drink flavored teas. Brandie, my tea is black with milk, and I always have three mugs in the morning-!!
Enjoy your break, and I will be here when you get back.

Thanks for the bag, I did not think I could win it.
Love, and hugs.

-Samya :-)

Linda said...

OMG, your post spoke to me, Brandie! I used to drink tea all the time and recently started with more coffee...I'm wondering if my increased headache frequency might have something to do with the coffee?? Love the teapot. Will have to look intio it!

ranette said...

Enjoy your break Brandie. I'll picture you reading and sipping tea...sounds good to me! Love the teapot by the way....wish I liked tea better, but I'm a coffee girl.