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Friday, January 14, 2011


This "no pastel" quilt is really bringing my creativity out. I'm reaching deep inside myself to come up with 4 different blocks that all go together. This block may not be exactly like the others, but it's going in the quilt anyway! The mom to be already picked an owl baby blanket up from Target and I guess she really likes it, so I'm putting an owl in my quilt. Can you see him? I know he's little, but his is sitting on the branch. After I add some thread painting, I hope he stands out more. And again, I have to add, I'm no artist, so no comments on his size or my funny tree.
I have also been sewing up about a million triangles.
This pill looks a little different but just as big. Next week I hope to come back with rules about a triangle exchange. So start looking for small scraps and save them aside for some triangle fun.
Take care and have a great weekend!


debbie said...

Hey Brandie,
I am not a professional artist, but do a little more than dabble, and I think your tree and owl (which I saw right away!) are cute.
Some may say it is not balanced, but you can use the design to lead your eye into the rest of the quilt by where you place your block. That being said, I do like asemetrical designs myself. I think you have great instincts when it comes to color and design. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished top.
I'm not sewing right now. Family feuding does not lead to productiveness, or creativity in me. It's not in my home, but over my mother's care. She has altzheimers (I refuse to give that word an "A") I'm working on this bad attitude though, and trying to trust God to lead me to the best possible solution for my mom. When it's just my attitude, not his, I may make the right decission, but the results are not always optimal, lol.
Blessings :o)

Linda said...

Love it!!! :-) So cute!! It's perfect! AND I think you ARE an artist. Just look at those beautiful bags you've created!!!

Sammy said...

I agree with Linda , you are an artist , and I have the bag to prove it-!! Thank you so much it is beautiful. I love the color too.

Lots of Hugs.

-Samya :-)

Karen said...

I LOVE your tree and owl, so cute!

Kim said...

I think your tree and owl are great! Especially the leaves that have fallen on the ground--probably knocked off by the owl! LOL!

Lee said...

Whoo would not love that tree and owl? They are great. I agree with Sammy - you are an artist - I have a bag too also prove it and i am LOVING it! thank you and have a great Monday! My weekend was totally made when I opened the bag! thanks again- I am hiding the bag from my college daughter this coming weekend or it might just "walk off".

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Your tree and hippo are so so cute. you've been really up to some great stuff.

Library Gal Quilts said...

Oh geez I just love that is perfect!