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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Yard Art

I didn't get a lick of sewing done yesterday. Shame on me! I was fooling around in the yard. I planted about 20 bulbs and have about 30 more to plant. I thought that the little rain we had would have softened the ground, but no. So I had to water the yard before I could dig in it. Of course I came up with this idea after digging half the holes. So while I waited, I played with my pumpkin friends. I tried stacking several different ones together, but I think this is the best stack. I told Hubby that I didn't have enough pumpkins and he said, 9 was too many.
I don't think 9 is too many, I still have bare ares that could do with a little orange pop of color.
Years ago I "borrowed" this little wheelbarrow from our church. Don't worry, my Grandpa told me I could, borrow it anyway. We over the years, it has become a rusty eyesore that couldn't hold water of even the deer food is was suppose to. I thought about taking it back to church, but never got around to it. What do you think of it's new job? At least these guys can't fall though the rusted bottom.
It's a good thing that I watered, do you see how bad my mums look?
I love this guy! It was seriously, love at first sight! A blackish-green pumpkin! Oh My! And just look at all his warty character! Beautiful!
I do feel a little guilty, because I know that pumpkins are meant to be eaten, but I keep my so long, that I sometimes have to use a shovel to remove them. When I look at this guy above, I think he must taste wonderful!
Oh and yesterday, I stained and added the extra supports to my "pew". That is what Hubby has been calling it, specially now that the stain smell is permeating the house. But I'm going to make you wait to see the finish, after I add the clear coat. It's worth the wait, it looks great!
Take care, Brandie


Lori said...

Love the pumpkins in teh wheelbarrow and think the warty one is so charming too!

Sammy said...

I love it. Me Too, I go for unusual looking pumpkins.


-Samya :-)

Anonymous said...

You need to tell that husband that you need at least an even number of pumpkins and then change your mind and tell him odd was better. I think that'll get you at least 2 more

ranette said...

Oh no...I'm not crazy about the warty me the creeps, lol, but I really do like your yard decorating.