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Monday, October 18, 2010

More Cushions

Looky what I finished up this weekend. Usually my weekends are not when I complete anything, but the rain keep us in and I completed one...
... no, two cushions for the window seat. 2 cushions! They may not be perfect, not they are comfy to seat on and that is very important.
And I even got my molding on. Isn't it cute? I did the same molding top and bottom. Now all that's left, is to stain it. And I think I may add another vertical piece on either side, for extra strength. I think it will also look better to have a divider between Hubbies leather boxes.
My goal is to have this useable by Halloween as extra seating. Specially since the love seat went to live with Bridgette. I'm not complaining, this is much better looking, even unstained, then that couch even was!
I'm also thinking of making some throw pillows for it. Just wait till you see these. You know they will be theme appropriate.
Take care, Brandie

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Robin said...

I LOVE the project - love everything about it! Love the colors, LOVE the cushions (you even did nice welting...impressive, 'cause that's not easy!) I think I love most of all that you went for it and did it yourself AND reused those cute doors! The support post/divider sounds like a good idea. Can't WAIT to see your themed pillows! Great job so far!!