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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Circles of Red

Late last night, I finally finished the last arco circle. So Today I'll get them trimmed up and attach them to the rest of the quilt.
Then on to another project. I did start a baby quilt, but I'm having issues with it. Maybe tomorrow I'll let you all see it. I usually do needle turn applique, but for this baby quilt I used "Steam-a-seam". I really don't like the feel of that stuff or any stabilizer. But this job called for it and I'm trying to get it done ASAP. Also because it's coming out of my head, it takes a little longer to get it on the fabric.
By the way, did you see what Witchy Poo did to my curtains? She let one of those cats into the house and it totally shredded them up! And don't get me started on her messes. She set up a laboratory right on my fireplace. She has test tubes and jars of things that make my skin crawl. That woman is getting harder to live with than my Hubby!
Oh Well, there are only 18 more days till Halloween, then she will pack up and move out, till next year.
Take care, Brandie
Oh and check out these super cute necklaces my friends Debbie and Pam
Sometimes I hate Blogger! I haven't been able to add a link without some serious issues. Does anyone else out there use Safari and Blogger? If so , why doesn't the link button hind the link behind the name? And what can I do about it?

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Sammy said...

Lovely design. I love the colors too.

-Samya :-)