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Friday, October 15, 2010

A Pile Question

Somehow the day passed and I didn't do any sewing. I did housework, baked bread and put some stain on the window seat, but no sewing( Sorry I can't show you the window seat yet. It still needs molding and cushions).
While I was cleaning house, I wondered, How do you clean an area rug. I mean shampoo? Do you take it in to a dry-cleaner? Do you just use a shampooer on it?
The rug in question needs some work. I would love to be able to lift the pile and make it fluffy again, like under the coffee table. Please send me your suggestions.
Have a wonderful weekend!
Take care, Brandie


Monica said...

I used my own carpet cleaner machine and it works pretty well...even brings back up the nap. A professional can come out and do the same thing and they have a rake they can use to bring up the nap of your rug.

Robin said...

You can try using a plastic hair pick to bring up the nap. I think I'd do that and then use a carpet cleaner. You can try picking at it while it's damp, but you might cause the fibers to get fuzzy...

Lee said...

I use my mom in laws carpet cleaner machine. It works well and the nap comes back up.
I have never used a company. Good luck!