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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

More Pillows

A pillow pile. This is how I sent my evening, making a pile of non-matching pillows. Well almost non-matching. There were 2 dark purples and 2 periwinkles. That second purple one doesn't seem to be in the pic. I think PugsLee was using it. I think she was a wee bit jealous of her sister getting more attention and all theses pillows.
PugsLee is a princess. Her little bottom does not, I repeat, does not touch anything but carpet. Also her blanket has to be laid on top of a pillow, even on the couch. If a pillow is laying flat, she claims it as her own, which is probably what happened to Bridgette's purple pillow. A true princess. She could probably even feel a pea under that pillow! Or smell it!
The next few days will be sent making costumes. Bridgette has decided that I need to make a full on gown, hurray! And because we couldn't find an exact pattern, I'm making it up as we go, so wish me luck! The fabric we picked is Fabulous, tomorrow I'll show it to you.
So take care for now,

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