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Monday, October 11, 2010

A Little More

Every corner of my home has been taken over by Witchy Poo. She has even started at the front door. This was the before, well a little before, she got to the web throwing before I took the pic.
This little bench has always been by the front door to help hold things or just to stop and take of your shoes. Witchy Poo thought it needed a different look for the season. So she hounded me and than she even went though my stash and found some fabric. (don't you hate when people go though your stash thinking that it's just sitting there wanting for them to come up with ways to use it? It's has to be one of my pet peeves!)
So she found (not that it was hiding, come-on, it was folded on the shelf where everyone could see it) these fabrics and gave them to me to sew into a cushion. That's another of my peeves. I quilt, therefor I must love to sew and even mend.
We were even lucky enough to find a matching zipper in the right length. Where did I get it? From Grandma's stuff of course!
So here is the after. I guess it's better. I don't know... maybe it should have been appliqued with something more?
And an extreme close-up. Now the stray cats will have a clean cushion to sleep on. Or are they strays? Maybe they belong to Witchy Poo, as I only see them in the fall, Hmmmm...
I will try to stay with you this week. Last week passed without much being done. I hope to do better this week. And I just might, because my car is broken so I may be grounded to my house for quite a while. So while I'm grounded, I may as well get as much done as possible.
Take care, Brandie


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I think the cushion is super cute! You should ignore the other comment, I can't spell to save my life