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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Witchy Wednesday

Have you ever been afraid to cut into a fabric? Well it's happening to me. I'm afraid of making a mistake and having to start all over. Last week when we bought this fabric, it was half price. So if I make a mistake today, I'll have to pay extra to fix it. So I'm stalling.
That deep ruby red is a beautiful piece, even if it's just a polyester knock-off of velvet. The main dress will be made of this, with accents of the beige fabric. My Daughter sure knows how to manipulate me into doing things outside my comfort zone. That girl...

In other news. I made a new hat for Witchy Poo last night. She use to have a beautiful hat with a big metal buckle that made all others envious. Then she did a stupid thing and loaned it out (to a better witch than she). Well she never did get back that perfect hat so she asked me to make her a new one. This is all we have come up with. She wanted this new hat to be even better that the last hat.
Sorry for the bad pics. We are trying out that sparkly brooch. But we may have to come up with another plan.
There may be too much black. Witchy Poo thinks I should add another color and she adds that it needs to go with her gorgeous lavender hair and not clash. So I've got my work cut out for me, Witchy Poo and Bridgette and both breathing down my neck for the completion of the outfits, and soon! What prima-donna's!
If you have any idea's, let me know and I'll run them by Witchy Poo.
Have a Wonderful Wednesday!
Take care, Brandie

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