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Monday, October 4, 2010

Weekend Fun

Lucky, the turtle, moved out this weekend. We'll miss her, but not the large tank. She moved in with my Daughter and hopefully they will spend many years together. It took most of the day to set up her tank and to teach Bridgette how to clean it and such. I will miss the gentle tinkle of the water, just not the enormous tank! I have plans for the area that the tank was in.
While we were in Chico, I had enough time to stop by a pumpkin stand. I was super excited! They had tables and tables covered in many sizes of pumpkins and gourds. They were being sold by a local farmer that told me he had a small pumpkin patch. A plot of a 100 x 100. WOW! it must have been impressive! And did I take pictures? No, I was so over whelmed by all the pretty pumpkins that I forgot! But I did just go outside in the dark to take a pic for you of some of the ones I did buy. The prices were very reasonable. Large pumpkins were $5 and small ones were $3. I had $30 cash on me and no matter how I try to figure it, I seem to have more than I paid for. I was just so excited I was pointing to "that warty one, that white one, oh and I need that black warty one." Then they showed me the gourds. I ended up with 4 of those too.
When I got home and unloaded the car, I had 6 various pumpkins and 4 gourds. I feel that I totally got my moneys worth. Too bad I don't know where that farmer lives, I would love to buy more!
Our relocated Michael's opened this weekend. Bridgette and I went in to check it out and I ended up spending over a $100. What did we buy? I don't have a clue, but it was fun! I've missed going into that store, which may be a good idea to avoid, too many visits will make me poor.
Some of the things we did buy, were scarp booking papers (several books) and items to make invitations for Halloween.

This is what we did. The funny thing was, after we packaged up the invites, we realized that some people may not know who Witchy Poo and her little dog Boo, are. We laughed and laughed! So if you receive and invite and it looks like one of these, it's from me, sent by my alias, Witchy Poo. Bridgette and I are still laughing at our stupidity!
What kind of trouble did you cause this weekend? Witchy Poo would love to hear and I would love to hear too.
Hubby is off, finally, on a day trip. Wonder what I can do while he's gone? Stay tuned...
Take care, and I'll see you tomorrow,


Lizzie said...

ah, Can't wait to go to the new Michaels store. Thanks for letting me know it is now open. Cute pumpkins, I am looking forward to buying mine! Lizzie

Lori said...

I love to decorate with pumpkins and gourds! It's so nice to find a local farmer with a stand to buy them from.
Love your invites!!