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Monday, October 25, 2010

Not Your Average Pillows

I'm so glad to be back. I still have a mild soreness or achyness in one thumb, but that is much better. I've babied them long enough. It took me all weekend to complete my pillows. Two days to cut the fabric and two evenings to complete each pillow. Even the stuffing was taking forever. Who knew that pulling the stuffing apart would take so much thumb strength. And sewing up the hole! That I put off till last night. It looks terrible, but who's going to turn these beautiful pillows over?
The big pillow measures at 19" and the small one at 13". I've been try to figure out a unique pumpkin pillow, but my thumbs are just not into it. Maybe next year. These sunflowers may not be true halloween decorations, but I love them! I just wish I had more yellow-gold fabrics to make more. But I'm trying to use things up, not collect more!
Of course I quilted them. They are each two layers. That's just the top and batting, then filled with stuffing. I love this dot fabric as a sunflower middle, so I quilted around each and every dot to enhance the seed look.
Even the little one has the same treatment. I can just see an entire bed covered with these. OK, maybe a twin bed. What little girl wouldn't love that? (I need grandchildren!)
Well I have more pillows to make, just the regular kind, you know, the square kind. I made a mistake and meet my Daughter at the fabric store, and now I have about 6 pillows to make for her studio. KIDS!
Take care, Brandie


Wilma NC said...

Those are very pretty!!!!

Diane H said...

You did a fantastic job of your window seat! Are some of these little beauties going to go there?

ranette said...

Always creative these sunflower pillows and I'm so sorry about your thumbs. Hopefully you'll feel better soon.

Lori said...

How much fun are those pillows?! Too cute!!

Lee said...

Wow - those are stunning! I am NOT showing my daughter as she will want some for her room at college! Very nice - home the thumbs are better!

Robin said...

Those pillows are so cute!! Very creative!!!