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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A wasted day

Yesterday was kind of a bust. I really didn't get anything done. My plan for the "Bustle" didn't work out. So I have to come up with something new.
Remember that I had all those fabrics to iron?

This is just a small pile of them. They were twisted and knotted together. It was a mess. I think a rough estimate of fabrics, is over 60. Some of these fabrics are 1/2 yard pieces, some 1/3 yards and some quarters. That's not counting the 18 yards of background and backing. So I wasn't lying when I told you that I hate to iron. So what did I do instead? I found a new blog, to me. She is hilarious! She kept me highly amused all day. And I do mean ALL day. I feel that a blog is like a book, so I started back at her beginning. That was in mid 2007. I have only read about half way. I had to go to bed and try to gain some beauty sleep. I highly recommend Kim's blog. She has stories that would make even Stephanie Plum laugh.

I did finally get around to ironing all that fabric, taking reading breaks to ease the boredom. Today some of us Opportunity gals will be getting together to make packets of fabrics for all the sewers next week. Maybe then I will have something to show you. So time for me to get dressed in my supervisor clothes and go be the boss. I really have no idea what I'm doing. I just stand around and let these seasoned girls do all the work. So I'm just there to bounce anyone if they misbehave. Teasing! So far everyone has gotten along and they all are working like a well oiled machine. Some of them have done this many times before.

So enjoy your day!

Take care, Brandie


Diane H said...

So glad you found Kim, she's a sweetie and very funny. Here's a tip I found awhile ago for the next time you wash some fabric. Fold your pieces putting the selvage edges together. Pin with a few safety pins along that edge. This prevents all that twisting and winding of the pieces together thus preventing the 'rats nest' effect. This works.

Sue-Anne said...

Oh that is a lot of fabric to iron! I have read Kim's blog and I always get a chuckle from her stories.

Julia said...

Ironing is not my favourite thing to do either..
I will have to go check out Kim..Thanks Brandie