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Monday, April 26, 2010

Blue balls

This last week my MIL told me that they had cobalt garden stacks, at Costco. Of course I had to go look. So we all loaded up and went to take a look see. Here they are. Aren't they beautiful?

I will don't expect an answer this time. I'm just stating the obvious.

So my MIL bought me 9 of these to decorate my yard. Blue is not my favorite color, at all. I don't often use blue in my quilts. I've never painted a room blue. And I have very few blue clothes, except for blue jeans. BUT, I love cobalt glass. My living room is full of glass. In the windows, on top of window valances, on the mantle, on the entertainment center. Really, I have cobalt glass everywhere. So these new balls will be right at home in and around my yard. Now I just need to find the perfect places for them. That's today's job, before the rain tomorrow.

Take care, Brandie


Lori said...

I thought you were talking about pirates...until I saw the photo!!! LOL

Debbie in Chico/Sacto said...

Love 'em. Have them in my yard, too!