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Monday, April 19, 2010

Big news

This is the exciting news I eluded to on Friday. I'm going to an Aunt again! Twice!
I'm very excited, I only wished they lived closer. I would be there every day, hugging and kissing them.
Can you see them kicking?
Twin 1.
Twin 2. Or vice-versa. By the time I took the pics, I couldn't remember who was who. Two girls, what could be cuter. I'm going to be surrounded by babies and I couldn't be happier, unless they were my own. I have a friend also due about the same time as my Sister-in-law. My niece, a cousin. I'm jealous and am suffering from baby envy. I'm seriously contemplating starting over and having more children. Am I crazy? I'm just shy of my 40th B-day. I can't wait for grandchildren. Both grown kids are not at the place in their lives to provide me with the little babies I adore. Am I crazy?
This last Tuesday was my daughter's birthday. She was out of town and we had to wait till the Sunday to have a b-day dinner. She is 20! My baby is 20! I don't feel any different, but she sure has changed. She was so little we worried about her, now she's 20. She is mostly all grown up. Has a great job. Lives on her own. Bought her own car. She doesn't need me any more (except for money, occasionally).
I'm obviously going though a mid life crisis or something. Empty nest syndrome?
My beautiful redhead. How did I produce this? Luck?
I miss her, specially if she was having a good day. Those redheads can turn in a snap! Bad days, I don't miss at all!
If any one you are ever in Chico and have never been to La Hacienda, Go! We love this place. Our family could go there for every occasion. I almost always get the Acapulco salad. I love it! fresh greens and chicken. Whole beans, avocado, tomatoes and purple onions. Yum!

Doesn't it look beautiful on that green plate? Talk about fresh! Oh it does come with cheese, but my tummy doesn't like cheese, so I get it without.
So if you can't tell, I had a great weekend. How was your weekend?
Take care, Brandie


Lori said...

Ah, congratulations auntie on the twins!!

Jelly Wares said...

What a gorgeous baby belly!!! Congrats on becoming an aunt again... Your daugter is just the prettiest thing too Brandie, you are very lucky...

So great to hear you had a fantastic weekend, I did too.. ;)

Hugs - Jodie

Sue-Anne said...

Congratulations on becoming an Aunt - double trouble, how exciting!

I too am looking forward to one day being a grandmother because when I get tired of them, I can hand them back Ha Ha!