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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Opp. progress

I'm back. I've cleared a little space on the hard disk, so I should be able to take about 100 pics till I need to buy a new one. I don't have pics download from the wedding, but I don have a pic of the Opportunity quilt we are working on for Annie Star Quilt Guild. This is a preview. We are making a star quilt. There will be a huge Costa Rica star in the middle, 8 , 15", stars shown below, 4, 12", stars and about 20, 4 1/2", stars.

The pic, or the camera, doesn't quite pick up the color. This pic looks a little garish and that's not true to life. So for we have had no problem getting help from the guild members helping make our opportunity quilt. It has been a pleasant experience. But I will be glad when the duty is over and I can relax a little.

Take care , Brandie

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Sue-Anne said...

the blocks look fantastic, can't wait to see the finished quilt!