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Friday, April 9, 2010


I am crying real tears of sadness. Yesterday my camera failed to turn on. I charged it all night and to no avail. My camera is broken. Tears......
I have been beating around the idea of a new camera, since before Christmas. At that time, my son bought, in my opinion, a wonderful pocket camera for his girlfriend. But I was being frugal and said "I don't need it". Now I've shot myself in the foot. I can start using my Hubby's, I'll just have to be taught some new tricks. Am I still teachable? We will find out.
Fortunately, his camera will use my card, so I don't have to relearn that. Still sad.

Last night Gail, my Daughter and I went to a wonderful tea cafe, for dinner. If I had my camera, I could have shown you all the beautiful salad greens we ate and their huge list of teas. Of course the down side to going there for dinner, was I had to visit the restroom 3 times last night. My Hubby already thinks my bladder is the size of a walnut, my bathroom breaks at night kind of confirm his belief.
So since I didn't have my camera last night, I show you the burrito I had last week after my dentist appointment.

Sorry Blogger decided to rotate the pic.
This is from one of my favorite restaurants here in Paradise, Casa De Paradiso. Hubby and I go there at least once a month, specially at lunch time. They have the food on your table so fast the you can maybe eat 2 chips. I had never ordered this burrito before. Our waitress asked if I knew how big it was, and I said "that 's OK, I'll have leftovers". Well did I ever have leftovers! I had to take a pic. Our waitress even stuck her arm in there so we could have some prospective. Huge!

Well I'm going to go conduct some funeral words and send my camera off the camera heaven. I'll have a little cry and talk to you all Monday.
Have a Great weekend.
Take care, Brandie

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