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Friday, April 9, 2010

Memorial service at 2

There will be a memorial service today to say goodbye to a great friend. This friend was always with me and always ready to point and shoot. She will be greatly missed. We've been through many trials together. From the family store closing, daughter's graduation and several weddings. Not all her work was the best, but some was very entertaining. She went before her time, and I will miss her everyday. Goodbye good friend.
You didn't expect her to take such good pics, did you? you all are probably judging her by her age. Shame on you! This girl took some great pics. Age has nothing to do with. She had an eye for detail .
This is her sister. Too bad she can't be up graded to digital. Now this camera has taken many great pics and she has even traveled to far away places. She took wonderful fish-eye views in Sydney. Many family portraits, and some great camping trips. But nobody will miss her weight. Just her versatility.

Unfortunately, this baby doesn't look as cute and sexy as her sisters but she will be missed. And in case you didn't realize it, this is her last photo. Think of this as her death mask.

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Sue-Anne said...

I feel your pain!