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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

No news

I don't have anything to show and I don't have much to say. Dallas is still with me, so that means Mom and babies are still in the hospital. The good new is that Kimber has been released. So we are all waiting for Harley to stop having these little upsets. They are little, just worrisome. Apparently while she seems to be choking, her heart rate goes way down and so does her oxygen. They had heard a heart murmur when she was born, but they no longer hear it. So that's wonderful news. Nobody seems to know what these upsets are and what to do to make her stop them. More good news is her weight is also up.
So I may not be back for a while. I've forgotten how much time and attention a little person requires. At least she is old enough to tell me if I forgot something. Thank goodness she's not in diapers, she'd still be wearing the same one she was wearing yesterday! Don't worry, I'm not neglecting her, just myself. And I always remember to eat, so no worries there. It's just that other stuff like baths and hair combing. And the games and playing! I'm too old for hulla-hoop, aren't I?
Take care, Brandie


nichole585 said...

Your so funny Brandie!! lol oh and my phone is dead, so just come over I can't seem to find my charger from the last trip...:(

Code2fornow said...

You are NEVER too old for hula hoop!!!

debbie said...

Never, ever too old for Hula Hoop!!! I'm sure you're doing fine with your Dallas, and it's probably a good change for her to get to play at Aunt Brandie's house. Memories she'll hold dear for the rest of her life...maybe not until she gets old enough to appreciate them. Good to hear the babies are improving :o)