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Friday, August 20, 2010

It's All about the feet

I'm home at my own computer, most importantly, my own bed. I had an exciting but exhausting 2 days. 2 year olds are fast! And busy! I didn't have to many chances to sit and relax. I am sooo out of practice with little ones. But we had Fun! Between all the bathes (I don't remember my kids getting so dirty, I think the dirt was cleaner) and all the dirty clothes, I was ready to let them just go naked. How do parents keep up these days? As soon as I would sit down, little Zoey was off and running. It's really a good thing I didn't find any ties or string, I would have tied her to a chair, just to use to bathroom. But I did find that a grocery cart worked like a dream! We went to the store to buy Popsicles and milk. I ended up spending more time in the store than I ever do. My normal practice is to run in and get what I need and run back out. This trip, I was enjoying the freedom of moving at my own pace. Of course that trip for Popsicles ended up costing me, but now Mom and Dad won't need to go to the store for awhile.
Big sister Julia was a HUGE help. She helped me find things, wrangler Zoey and helped me keep some order. There were a few moment that we all just relaxed on Julia's huge bear. The girls were using him as a rug and a pillow. It was moments like these that I will always remember and hold fondly in my heart.
Introducing...Hailey, littlest sister. Both girls were very excite to meet her. Zoey was a doll and cried when Hailey cried. She was very concerned for her. She would wave her little arms and say "don't cry, don't cry". She was really sweet. Julia was a little shy and told her Mom that she would hold the baby when they came home. But then she talked about her new little sister all the way home.
It was a fun experience, just not something I want to do everyday. I'm feeling every one of my years this morning. I slept in late and my body feels like jelly. I'm talking myself into going for a walk and not going back to bed.
Have a wonderful weekend.
Take care, Brandie


Code2fornow said...

Still thinking about having another little one of your own??? LOL

nichole said...

Brandie you are such a wonderful friend! Ian and I really appreciate everything you do and did for us :) Thank you for taking such good care of the girls they loved the time they got to spend with you especially Zoey poor little girl cried when you left! I worried while in the hospital...not for them because I knew they were in great hands, but for you lol Zoey is such a handful/busy body!! Thank you for making us dinner it was wonderful as usual! Thank you for going grocery shopping and for not letting Zoey be the boss! I appreciated that the most! Oh also loved smelling bacon upon our arrival home! lol