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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Animal Magnetism

My son seems to give off an animal scent. What I mean is that he has a scent that attracts animals. Like "that dog" that lives outside. That Dog found William and wouldn't leave. So he now lives outside. That Dog loves William. If William tells him to do something, he does it. He's not a bad dog, just a big brute who only listens to William. But the point of this story is William's animal magnetism. All animals love him. He has to be careful that no more stray dogs or cats, follow him home. I'm not joking, this has happened more that once. The animals find him. He has something that they like and trust.

So when William is home, Victoria is pretty excited. Now they do say that parrots tend to be attracted to male humans. They think is has something to do with authority. Birds respect that. So Yesterday, William was doing his best to ignore Victoria and she was going out of her way to get to him. Finally when she could be ignored no longer, he picked her up and turned her into a turtle. Yup, flat on her back.
She had a momentary shock, then she just laid there. As if William could do no wrong.
She isn't hurt or like a bunny, she is fully aware and she seems to enjoy it.
I was giggling, she turned to look at me as if I was disturbing her. Do you see the way she is looking at the camera? She's loving that she's with her favorite person! And she don't care what he does!
AHHhhh, petting is even better!

Finally I put a stop to it. William had plans and was on his way out the door. So Victoria had to be happy with me. He set her down on my knee and she just looked at me with indifference.
One thing I've always thought is that she has creepy reptile like feet. Not that I know what a reptile feels like. Her feet are a little rough but warm. We put oil on them but she just scratches herself and they come back dusty. Making them look reptilish.
She just noticed the camera, has to take a closer look.
My daily view. Victoria has a bad habit of getting right in my face. She likes to see eye to eye.

Hopefully tomorrow I'll have some sewing to show you. Bye for now.

Take care, Brandie


Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

I've never been close to a bird like that. I'm just catching up on posts. Hope you are doing well.

debbie said...

Too funny, but I can relate a little to how animals react to your son. A friend once brought us 5 green anoles that he caught in his back yard because he knew Sterling would love them...and i would take care of them. The largest, a male, use to escape and change to the exact color of gold as the carpet in our rented house. I had trouble finding him and when I did, more trouble catching him. Sterling would walk up and pick him up and he would sit in his hand for ever. We use to say it was because Sterling was so warm. Miss that boy, 2000 miles away in TX, and turned 25 monday.

Sue-Anne said...

That bird looks like it is an Australian Sulphur Crested Cockatoo! We had one as a pet growing up but could never handle him the way your son is - amazing!!!!

That dog is sooooo Cute!

ranette said...

I've not been around birds much, but Victoria really seems to love and trust William....very cute!