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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Dirty Bath

Every morning, PugsLee and I start the day with a walk around the yard. Me to rub the sleep out of my eyes, her, well, to do her business. As she walks, I make a mental list of yard work. Most of my yard work is really just racking up the leave in the spring, after the last frost. I use the leaves as a winter blanket and all the plants seem to like it. I don't use bark or any bed cover. I let nature alone and hope to grow a natural ground cover to hide the dirt.
So this week, I've been looking at this bird bath. Now I'm not one who is into distressed anything. Rusty, unpainted, peeling paint or antiqued paint, really just distresses me. I want to clean it up and repaint it, making it look new. So this bird bath is bugging me. Can you see how yucky the bowl part looks? But the birds don't seem to mind. Robins come out and frolic and splash, not seeming to mind at all if the bath is messy and yucky. The blue jays don't seem to mind either, even if I walk out to look at them (brave little bird-stards!).
So for now I going to try to live with this weathered and rusty bath. If the wild life don't care, I shouldn't either.

I do love how the fern practically covers the bath, making it cozy for the birds. The fern has been growing there for at least 6 years. He seems to love it. He doesn't require too much care. Just occasionally I have to trim out some died fronds. I love effortless gardening. Look behind and to the left of the bath. Can you see the best place in the garden?
This fairy has the best seat. I would love to be right where she is. Under a fern frond and reading a great book. What a life.
Looking through the dogwood. Now you can see more of the distressed bath and lovely ferny. I couldn't live without all this green. I'm very happy to be surrounded by foliage. I wouldn't have it any other way. And when I say surrounded I mean it. Even The house is covered by trees. I heard all the time that someone can't see my house because the trees cover it. Yeah, so what? I love that I have this secret doorway. These are the things that fairy tales are made from.

Have a wonderful green day.

Take care, Brandie


Carrie P. said...

I love ferns. We have some in yard too. The bird bath is perfect.

Code2fornow said...

This just makes me and your silly green-ness...blah

debbie said...

Been out of town and just read this post. I so love your idea of gardening. I have a fairy statue almost exactly like yours! She's my fave and I'm jealous of her just sitting in the garden reading all day...and night. I'm trying to hide my house behind trees too, just have to be careful of my septic drain field, argh. If you paint the bird bath just don't paint the inside, the leaching wouldn't be so good for the birds.