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Friday, August 13, 2010


I did complete both my project yesterday, last night at about 11 pm. I was so close to finishing the quilt, that I forfeited some sleep to complete it all. Though I still need to trim threads and wash it. But here it is. Lori from Humble Quilts, had shown us a beautiful antique quilt that was teeny-tiny 9-patches, done in blues and white. It was a gorgeous quilt. So after I drooled a little, I started this one, which isn't nearly as small or beautiful. But I'm happy and I hope the recipient is happy.

Guess what? I still have about half a cone of the "Gucci" pink thread. I really thought I would be nearing the end after all these girls quilts.

I'm loving my kitchen "tile". It's not perfect, but the tape worked pretty darn good! Hey Lori, is this better than the rug? This time I'll agree with you. I feel it now looks complete. Before I thought it was missing something. But I Love, Love, Love this!

I may put a small square over the points where they connect. Just because some of the points are messy.
The squares are plenty big. Yesterday after adding more paint, I hopped from each brown "tile" to the next, to get around the kitchen. Looking at my toe polish, I might add red squares. I wonder if toe polish works. It's a great red (OPI, thanks so muchness) with a little sparkle in it. It would really set off the floor and tie in the dining room. Hmmmm...
Boy have my knees taking a beating. I have been on my knees for the last 2 days and they aren't happy. They even look angry. I tried to take a pic, but it's kind of hard to. You're lucky I could take a pic of my own foot. I was weaving though. Clumsy people shouldn't do stunts! Standing on one leg and taking a pic is defiantly considered a stunt.
Well I'm off to soak my knees. See you all Monday. Have a wonderful weekend!
Take care, Brandie


Code2fornow said...

I love the quilt!! And your floor looks great. But the main thing is, I am very very glad that your feet are not orange anymore. =)

Sammy said...

Hi Brandie,
Thank you for signing up to my "Pay it Forward", However; In order to participate you will need to post about the PIF on your own blog (the text & image can be copied from mine). Providing that you change Giesle Art Escapes to ( my name and web page). I am very glad you participated in my PIF. By the way I love the quilt, and the floor. Nice feet.


-Samya ;-)

ranette said...

Great floor and it would be even more awesome with little red squares.

As usual you've "blown" me away with your creativeness on the Daisy cute!

debbie said...

Sweet daisy quilt, and the floor turned out well. I like the idea of little squares too, but I like over the top, lol.

Lori said...

The quilt is wonderful- such a happy fun quilt!!!

The floor is awesome and way better than the rug! I wish I could do that to my floor. All the work was worth it!!

nichole585 said...

I love the quilt!! and your floor it so cute you are so creative!!

Library Gal Quilts said...

Nice floor and what a ton of work gal! I think you should hand paint a nice applique motif in those little places where they don't exactly that would really give your knees a workout! Love the quilt really adorable!