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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Feathered Friend

In Oct 1997, our family was fortunate enough to go to Sydney Australia. Hubby was there working for about a month before his wonderful boss offered to ship us out to him. While we were there, I saw many beautiful things. Among them, the birds. I've always had birds growing up, the largest being cockateils. Visiting the Royal Botanic Gardens, I was enamored with the Cockatoos and Gulahs. It seemed everywhere we went, we saw the beautiful birds. Sitting in the trees, foraging in gardens. I've heard that the Australians think of them as pests, the same way we think of pigeons. Every weekend we would go to "Paddy's Market" and peruse the wares. Once there was a man there selling cockatoos for $20. At that time the United States dollar was twice as much as an Australian dollar. So I could have had a cockatoo for $10 American dollars. I went back to our apartment and researched "how to export a live animal". I found out that the bird would have to be quarantined for 3 months and there was no guarantee that the animal would live through it. Also, these birds were wild.
So 8 months later, we returned home and started live again with pigeons and blue jays. About a month later I heard of a woman in a neighboring town who had a young, hand feed cockatoo.

So this is what I bought, for many, many dollars later. Ain't she cute?

Naked as a baby.
Just a few feathers are starting to grow.
Most of her feathers, just no tail.
All grown up. Isn't she a pretty bird? And because she is hand feed, she doesn't know she's a bird. But she knows she's not a dog! She may bark like one, but she knows she on a higher level and she rules the roast.
My little feathered friend. She eats with me, and watches TV with me, as long as William isn't around, she's my best friend. Many years from now, when I too old to take care of myself, she'll be living with her beloved William. They say their life expectancy is 60 to 70 years. As long as William keeps her in green beans, pasta and warm tea, she'll live as many years with him.
She's a great bird and has given us many hours of fun. You should see her run! When she chases PugsLee, there's nothing funnier. Or when she sees her own shadow. Just be careful with your buttons, always check that you still have them when you leave my house. Victoria collect them.
Sorry for the late, late post. Had a very annoying morning appointment.
Take care, Brandie


Sue-Anne said...

I love your story about Victoria. We got our cockie when he was quite young but not as young as yours. They are wonderful company and very clever. Our's used to always break out of his cage, go for a waddle around the yard and then hop back in - I think he forgot how to fly. He was a real chatterbox too. I still can't get over how tame she is.

Lori said...

I love seeing her grow up in one post! She is beautiful!

Code2fornow said...

I think victoria is lucky that she got so But knowing my auntie, you would have loved her regardless.

Sammy said...

Victoria story is lovely. As a bird lover myself; I really enjoyed your post.


-Samya :-)