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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Useless Trivia

Imagine my surprise to find that I was awarded ...
As I was eating my breakfast, fueling up for the day. I had opened my email from Sandie from Crazy'boutquilts and she picked me to tell 7 unknown things about myself.
Do you really want to her me rant? I could go on for days!
(Daily breakfast of a toasted bagel topped with homemade pumpkin butter. Yes, it's a bagel without a belly button)
Ok, here it goes.

1. By the time I was 13, I had already traveled through 16 states. Ending in Arkansas, where we lived for about a year. My bio-mom was a flighty person when younger.

2. When I came to live with my Grandmother, we traveled some more, to Canada. We spent three months traveling my Grandmother's roots and re-kindling with cousins.
We spent so much time in Canada, that I picked up a few French words for everyday things. Silly words, like "serviette", "petit" and my personal favorite "Merde!" (not so PG)

3. Back in 1999, our family lived in Sydney Australia for about a year. Hubby was working at the new Star City casino at the time and his wonderful boss flew me and my kiddies out to be with him. This was a wonderful experience and the kids were just old enough to make some amazing memories while there.
4. I'm a bit clumsy (as you might have guessed). There were a couple of years that I was in and out of the ER for a fall.
Learned that walking a barrel requires attention to your surroundings.
I have scars to show my mistakes. A broken nose for running into a wall. But that was all. I did end up with a few stitches, but this is a PG blog, so use your imagination. Just know, I wasn't clumsy that time!
(The healed burn)
5. I wore a back brace for about three years, four less then was thought necessary. No not because I'm clumsy. I was diagnosed with scoliosis and lordosis. I was told that I would probably need to wear that brace till I was 18. It was Christmas, three years later , when the DR told me I was as good as new and I was free from living in that braces 24 hours a day. What a great gift that was!

6. As a punishment my bio-mom made me read a novel. Well that back fired on her! Now she complains that I read too much. Huh? Too much, no such thing.

7. For years I've entertained the idea of writing my own novel. I've started so many stories, but never have finished one. I have list of characters. Sometimes when I see something fun, I write it down to be used in a book. I also write down many of a certain cousin's conversations, because she has no idea how amusing she can be, in the right context.
I really do mean it when I say, I'll put you in my novel!
This was one of the reasons I started this blog. Practice, for that some day novel.

So now that I've told you more about me, leave me a comment telling me ONE silly thing about you. Let me know if you have too many toes. If you have a ring in your nose. I'm curious about you. Here's you chance to inform me of your odd behaviors.

Oh and one more thing. I now need to award 15 other bloggers. But I think I'll cheat and just award 7. So here they are. Other blogs that inspire me. Can't wait to hear what they have to say about themselves!

1. Lori from Humble Quilts, one of my first blogging friends and inspiration to me in many ways!
2. Linda from The Quilted Pineapple, check out her quilting!
3. Barbara of Diamant-Solitaire, this lady has embroidery skills to be envious of.
4. Kim for Kim's Big Quilting Adventure, she is a hoot! And she shares my love of Halloween.
5. Paulette from Sweet P, this is one busy lady!
6. Pam from Library Gals, one of my local gals with some great ideas.
7. Mandy of M and M Plus 3, she is master of applique.

These girls are the first on my list for me to check out everyday. If I can learn something from each of them, I'll be a well rounded quilter.

Thank you girls, for letting me pick on you. Can't wait to hear your stories!

Take care, Brandie


M and M plus 3 said...

Awe, now aren't you so sweet! A master of applique, I am not. I just started learning truly this year but I do enjoy it. One silly thing about me, hmmm, silly it's not, I have more cyber friends than I do actual friends. I'm kind of an introvert.

Jean said...

I once accidentally gave a guy a bloody nose when he tried to kiss me. (I'm a HUGE klutz).

Lori said...

I love knowing interesting tidbits about you!!
I'm seriously considering getting a tattoo for my 50th birthday. I have one small one but may need another.

Library Gal Quilts said...

Morning Brandie Gal, Wow. I love that you shared all these things. More stories please!

I am really blind without my glasses. Once I was living in a little house in the avenues and I came home and took my prescription sunglasses off and didn't put my regular glasses back on right away. I was merrily walking around--you know petting the cat, kicked off my shoes and picking up. I kept walking by a "slipper" in my hallway. I didn't look too closely but on about the 3rd pass, I was horrified to realize it was a dead squirrel, with "toes up" as stiff as could be! I let out a shriek that could be heard all the way next door. The neighbor guy was pounding on my front door...hysterically I opened it and let him in. He removed Mr. Dead Squirrel and we had a big laugh the rest of the time we lived next to each other about "toes up". I don't go without my glasses. Ever.

Teri said...

I also have bad eyes and don't take my glasses off until I go to bed.
My hubby and I were leaving a movie when he decided he needed to go to the restroom before we went home. So as I'm waiting for him....I'm looking at the shopping center across the parking lot and I see a big sign for "My Sisters Quilt Shop". I thought it must be new because there was no quilt store there before. So when hubby comes out I'm so excited I'm sort of jumping up and down and telling we have to over to the quilt store. He says where and I'm pointing and he says he doesn't see the sign. Now I'll tell you it's a big sign....I keep pointing and telling exactly where I see it.... Matter about 5 minutes of this he tells me the sign says " SeƱor Grill" a Mexican restaurant. All my quilting friends thought that was the funniest.

Diamant said...

Recently my silliest things all seem to be quilting and embroidery related. I didn't notice until it was finished that a recent embroidery has been done on the wrong side of the fabric ! How stupid can you get. I suppose if anyone has noticed it in the photo they have been too polite to say so. May have to leave it out of the final quilt as I have no spare material.

Anita said...

It's actually pretty hard to think of silly facts about one's self, I'm impressed you managed to come up with 7. I'm rather envious that you've traveled so much, that's a dream of mine.
Ok, silly, I'm very prone to misplacing things, keys, sunglasses...vehicles. So, I told my fiance that I didn't want an expensive engagement ring because I knew that I'd loose it at some point and I didn't want to feel horridly guilty about it as opposed to just regularly guilty. (Luckily I've managed to hold onto it so far though so we're good.)

Linda said...

Thank you, Brandie!! I forgot to comment on this post. I really enjoyed reading about you. Very interesting and I did enjoy some chuckles. :-) I think you should totally write a never know you might have the next Harry Potter series in your brain!!