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Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Thank you all who stopped by to look at my Ghastly project. All your nice comments have gone straight to my head and I feel as big as a house, kind of like Alice in Wonderland. Unfortunately I didn't have enough time to make an extra as agive away for one of you Wonderful readers.
I hope to get to all your comment soon.

Cherise from Annie's blog won yesterdays give away. But keep it up and go and visit all the other participating blogs for more chances to win.

Several of you had asked where I got the embroidery pattern. I just took a piece of the Ghastly fabric to the window and I copied the haunted house onto a piece of paper. Than I took that paper to the the copier and enlarged it. Next I took some marbled orange fabric in almost the same color and copied the paper to the fabric.
Then I stitched away. For the roof tiles, trees and window panes, I just used my permanent marker to draw them in.
There you have it, easy-peasy.

Hey, did you notice my Ghastly Inn sign? Does it remind you of another ghastly hotel? Perhaps a tower in England? With a tall owner? An incompetent waiter?

Now how about a little retail therapy?
While at the Show, I managed to do a little shopping. I said I needed some cheddar and I got some! A reproduction. It looks a little dark, but I'm happy with it. I saw it used in a quilt and it didn't look so dark so maybe it just looks dark because there is so much of it. How much? I bought two yards. And I plan to buy more cheddars so let me know if you have a favorite, please!
Also in this pile is a few yellows for my Golden Chain tree. That corral color, well just because it was pretty.

Then I went to the antique vendor and found this beautiful tablecloth. I'm going to turn it into another whole cloth quilt. Just layer it and quilt it up.
Last, but not least, were these gorgeous fall plaids. I keep walking by and drooling. I finally stopped and bought them. I feel a little guilty about these because there are no plans for them. But I didn't let that stop me! And they look so beautiful with that cheddar. Like a grilled cheese sandwich, warm and wholesome!
I will try to make this my last post about the Quilt Show. I thought these were important pictures to post. These are the winners of our ballots.

First up we have Phyllis Cullen's "Treetop Pair", that won "Best Art Quilt".
This is my favorite and I was really glad to come back and see a ribbon on it. This is Ester Abshier's " Mariners in a Pickle". This huge quilt won "Best Large Quilt". She said on her information that this was a challenge to finish, but she keep up on it and is now glad she did.
Marilyn Graesser's "Stars for A". This was "Viewers Choice".
Sally Jo Smith Won "Best use of Color" for her "Flower Basket Medallion". Seeing two of these in the Show has maybe encouraged me to finish mine.
And my friend Jozette Rutherford Won the "Best Small Quilt" for her "Mystical Manzanita".
All these winners came as no surprise. No that doesn't mean I rigged the winnings. These were just the quilts I would have picked.
Sally Jo is a genius when it comes to color. Phyllis is one of our best art quilters. Marilyn is a perfect piecer. Jozette is a master appliqué and one of my favorite teachers. And come on, Esther's quilt is Fantastic!

Ok if you are still with me, here is todays list of Ghastlies.
Have fun and good Luck!

Take care, Brandie


M and M plus 3 said...

You are so talented! Love your project in yesterday's post. I've been so busy running yet again, seems I don't get to visit as often as I'd like. Thanks for sharing your wonderful pics from the show. Its fun seeing all the different works of art. My brother sent me some from one he visited this w/e. He knows how much I love my quilts.

Teri said...

What a great idea to quilt the antique will be beautiful when it is done.....

Anita said...

Day late and a dollar short describes me to a 't'. :) Fawlty Towers! I get it, ha ha ha! (realizes I'm the only one laughing so quickly stops.) You've so many projects, I'm so behind, I'm lucky to have one going. Everything is so lovely!