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Monday, October 10, 2011

Green Day 2

Those green fabric have now turned into green block strips. I've spent as much time as I could this weekend, cutting, sewing and cutting again. I now have lots and lots of strips. Next I need to add these to the blocks and turn those blocks into a quilt top.
I also worked on another block to add to Flora's quilt. Because I'm just making it up as I go, this may take longer.
There are now a small colony of koi who live in Flora's pond.
I'm super happy with the koi. They still need work, but I'm thinking that up as I go too. I figured when I get to the quilting part, I'll add scales with metallic thread. And bubbles. I must have bubbles.

It's not your imagination, their tail fins are 3-dimensional. I don't know what they fabric is, but it feels a bit like a cotton but with lots of shimmer.
I feel a bit proud of myself. I put this quilt away because of the koi. I had the picture in my mind and I couldn't draw a koi, or thought I couldn't. I siced myself out and keep Flora in the UFO basket for about three years.
Then this weekend I sat down and just did it. Really not too hard. (Just don't tell me they aren't proportional or something)
So someday soon, I hope to turn these blocks into a very green quilt. Fun how the mind come up with things or how we under estimate ourselves. But who knows, this could be the ugliest quilt ever. I mean it, look at all those greens, what was I thinking?

My goal this year (yes I know this is October) is to finish as many of those UFOs as possible. When I made the UFO list last year, there were 20 UFOs to finish. I am now on my tenth. So I'm a little behind, but while the juice is still flowing, I'll continue to finish as many as I can. And sure I've added at least 6 more to the basket, I'm just more motivated at this moment. Maybe it's the cooler weather? Whatever it is, I'm going with it and I wish you all the same.

Take care, Brandie


Grammasheri said...

Just keep goin' on it Brandie! Cookies don't look very yummy when they're just eggs and flour but when the mixin' is done and the bakin' is done, YUM! Same with a quilt-in-progress. I think its going to be lovely and the Koi are beautiful!

Miriam said...

Well done on getting all those UFOs finished!!!
I'm still trying to get through mine too.

Jean(ie) said...

I'm loving it. Can't wait to see the finished koi. I know you'll be working your Brandie magic on them!!!!!

Anita said...

You keep outdoing yourself, this is just beautiful. Being rather partial to green, I think it's beyond grand and am excited to see it come together

Carrie P. said...

Catching up on your posts. I have enjoyed watching you create these wonderful blocks. It is going to be a great quilt. Great job on getting so many UFO's done.