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Friday, October 7, 2011

Green Day

I'm working with a bunch of collected greens today. These have been in a bag for a special project for too long. When done, this will be a very green quilt.
I'm cutting them into strips of various sizes, to then sewn into more strips and then cut into cubes.

Flora needs to be put together instead of hanging on the wall. She is making me chilly just looking at her. Right now in Paradise, the weather is a chilly 52 degrees. But I'm all warm and cozy by the fire. Flora is not. I think I can see goose pimples on her back. And her bottom is looking a little rosy. That lily pad is not doing any good at warming her bottom.
I don't know if this frog is friend or foe, but he's cold blooded too so Flora will get no comfort from him.
Maybe this will become a quilt in the near future, as I figure out how to manage my time correctly. Living in the UFO basket is a cruel life. So wish me luck.

I have to make 17 paper pieced stars and I'm try to break that up with something fun. I have some time to complete the stars, so I thought if I make two stars a day, I'll be good.
Then work on Flora for a while.
Then work on some patterns.
This is just not the way I'm used to working. I would just keep on one project till I burned out. Was is because I'm too lazy to change my thread in the machine? Do I only have a one-track mind?
Whatever it is, I'm going to try a new way and hope to accomplish more and hopefully less burn-out equals less UFOs.

Take care, Brandie


Kristi said...

Love Flora...she's very pretty

M and M plus 3 said...

The detail on Flora is impeccable! Do explain how you've done her along with the wings. I want to know how please. I want to learn. What are your wings made of? They look like she could take flight any moment. And her facial features, yes, do tell! And Mr. Frog, he is just as lovely. Look at those little toes, will you!

Carrie P. said...

I love green. Flora is so neat. Love the wings.