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Monday, October 17, 2011

A Green Finish

Between projects, I managed to complete the top of the green quilt (really need to come up with a better name). I had an idea in my head and again it seems to work. Here is is with two new sides.
One thing that will not work, leaves on the tree. What was I thinking? Does this quilt really need more green?! So now the new idea is a flowering tree, like a golden chain tree. I think that's what I mean. My MIL has one, a yellow flowering tree that looks like a weeping willow.
So that's the new plan, add more color in the form of a flowering tree. What do you think? Any tree suggests?

Oh and look at my great weekend find. Wonder Woman headphone to go with my skinned Ipod. Not that I'll use them, ear buds hurt my ears, but cool none the less. Ok, maybe just to me...
And I wanted to share with you this seasons hottest shoes (is it even cool to say hot?) and again this may only be me. Pumpkin spice Converse, that's the name I call them, much better than their name, rust. These will be my October to November fashion statement.
This weekend is our Quilt Show. I needed a comfy pair of shoes for the days of work ahead. I've been told I won't get to sit to often. I may be sneaking into the bathroom just to sit down! Also these shoes will help identify me. I'll be found easier with a flashy pair hooves.

Upon returning home with a few bags of goodies, this is the look I received from PugsLee.
Can you see the excitement in her eyes? This was a "is there any leftovers for me" look.
No... poor girl, she had to resort to chewing her lip.
Actually, there were fries in a pocket and she knew it, so don't call animal protective services on me. She received a treat and we all went to bed happy.

Till next time...


Jean said...

They know when you're hoarding treats... no foolin them! Hahahaahahaahaha!

Anonymous said...

Cool Wonder Woman ear buds. I hate it when my dogs bust me with goodies. lol

Sue-Anne said...

I think the yellow flowers on the tree will look great. I love how this quilt is coming together.

Those earphones are great and I love the colour of your new runners. Pleased that PugsLee got a treat.

Linda said...

I like the idea of yellow flowers too. Nice addition. I'm terrible with naming quilts. How about "Barefoot in the Park"???

PugsLee so sweet.

Hitchhiker42 said...

Haha that Wonder Woman iPod is totally cool. My fiancee' actually has Apple engrave the words "WONDER WOMAN" on the back of her iPod. She's going to love that iPod skin. Very cool. :)

Carrie P. said...

Your quilt is looking great. I think yellow flowers would look nice as long as they are not to bright.
Cool skin and ear buds. I don't like ear buds either.
Cute shoes. Hope they are comfy for the show.

Anita said...

You never fail to impress...and make me laugh.