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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Best 7 minutes ever

I just had to tell everyone. I just had the best dentist appointment ever!
Remember I had an appointment a week and a half ago? Well the next day I was eating peanut butter and an apple, when I chipped a tooth. A tooth that was in front of my filling from the day before. Of course I was upset. Who wants to go to the dentist, and I was just there the day before. Good news was that there wasn't any pain. But I was worried that if I didn't take care of it, I would end up doing another root canal. So I waited and called the dentist office on Monday and made the first available appointment, today. I arrived early, 15 minutes, before I even sat down, I was called back. The aide looked at the tooth, took an x-ray, and said it was part of my bridge, Duh. I already know that, and it still meant nothing to me. The dentist came right over and looked in my mouth, said that the black dot I was seeing was the metal under the enamel cap and that with some buffing, I'd be good to go. 5 minutes later, I was walking out of the office, Done! I was done before my appointment even started, HURRAY!
If only the vageegee doctor was as easy. I don't mind too much having the dentists fingers in my mouth, but there other doctor.... well not so much.
Now I'm doing the happy dance and heading to lunch with the Hubby.
Have a WONDERFUL day, I am!

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Sue-Anne said...

Hi Brandie, I'm so happy for you that you had a quick and painless trip to the Dentist. Your basket block from the previous post looks fantastic!