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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

It's a Tuesday

I've checked and double checked my calendar. There are no appointments today. The only thing written in, is my Hubby's B-day. So I haven't forgotten anything. Today I will be able to do as I please. No running around like a chicken with it's head cut off, trying to get out the door in time. I will have time to make a special cake, clean and do some more quilting. But I'm telling you all here, in writing, I will not eat cake unless I use the exercise bike!
So yesterday I went to visit Mr. Sweet & Sour, AKA pesky Uncle. He has had new lighting installed. He is very happy with the results, or he must be, he called me 3 times to come look. But that is not the amazing part. The shocking, amazing, can't believe it true part, is he and the Boss have been married for 35 years. 35 years! That's a long time to put up with a "Bunker". I actually remember their wedding. I was a flower girl, with a velvety dress in an olive green shade. I can remember getting my hair done and how beautiful I felt. I also can remember being kicked by the first born,while she was in-utero. I think I may have been jealous, definitely confused. I thought the Boss was doing it and not understanding how she did it, when I could see her hands holding the hymnal at church. 5 years olds aren't that smart.
Well, everyone out there have a great Tuesday...
Take care, Brandie

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Sue-Anne said...

Good luck with today! Hope nothing creeps up to ruin it.