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Thursday, March 11, 2010

New curtains

I have been working on a project for my pesky Uncle. Why do I call him pesky? He has been having an identity crisis as long as I've known him. He doesn't know is is a mean old grump or a nice guy. Even when he gave me my first driving lesson (in retrospect, maybe it was his forehead hitting the dash that made him this way, Hmm, something to think about). But it's all a big show, he's really a big ol' softie, a lot like Archie Bunker.
He is newly retired and seems without a propose. He needs something to do. Maybe now he has found it. He is turning my Grandmother's old room into his "Man Cave". So goodbye to the lovely shade of lavender and hello to a big screen TV.

If you look closely, you can see that the ceiling still retains a bit of my Grandmother's lavender. He hired me to make curtains for his new room. I think it has been mislabeled, I think the room is actually going to be his "Dog House". He will have the best appliances, so it probably won't be a true punishment to be sent there by the "Boss".
You can see some more of the lavender. Personally I think the lavender would have made a lovely, inviting room for any man, and he should have keep my Grandmother's lovely lilac curtains (they would make any man happy).

Mr. Pesky is planning on adding wainscoting and wood floors, along with that big screen. I'll have to wait and see, maybe his "Dog House" will be just as lovely as it was when he is done.

So if you see my Uncle (you'll recognize him by the dollop of whip cream on his face), just remember, he'll grump and grumble and still give you the shirt off his back.

In other news, the clematis is still beautiful after the dusting of snow.

And all the camellia's are doing fine.

Take care, Brandie

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Thimbleanna said...

You're so funny -- don't you know that men are lavendar-phobic? The snow looks so funny on your gorgeous flowers!