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Monday, March 1, 2010

Background filler

I have a correction to one of last weeks posts. I mentioned that my BBF and I were going shopping. What I meant to say was, my BFF. Which means, Best Friend Forever. I'm sorry for the confusion, and my humblest apologies to Kitteefish.
I hope you all had a good productive weekend.
I did a little sewing this weekend. I sewed down all the Dresdens and finished the background quilting around them. I went with a teardrop as background filler. I would like to get the quilt done by Thursday, which is our Guild night. I need to get it off my UFO list.

All that is left is an inner border and the last border. I haven't come up with a design for the outer border, but I know what I'm going to do in the inner border. I have a ring with an interesting carving that would make a great quilting pattern. I also have the circles to figure out. That will be what I'm focusing on today.

I thought I was so smart and killed that bronchitis bug a couple of weeks ago. I was sick for less than a week, but was thrilled that it never developed into a cough. Well last night I got it. That horrible cough that burns and bleeds. Coughing up mucus plugs and body aches. ARGH...... I wasn't so smart. So wish me luck and run away from anyone who has it!

Take care, Brandie


debbie said...

I thought you meant Best Best Friend, which sounds good to me. Does BBF mean something bad? I have a little book called text:-)apedia, and the only thing they have listed is BBFBBM which means Bdoy by fischer, brains by Mattel.
Once a friend sent me an email with VBG, and I asked her if it meant Very Bad Girl. She got a big laugh and informed me it meant Very Big Grin. I'm not so good at texting.
I love your quilting. your Dresden is turning out lovely.

Sue-Anne said...

Sorry to hear your not well. Your quilting is amazing!

ranette said...

Great quilting Brandie....what kind of machine do you use? I think I need to take some lessons from you.

I'm sorry you're sick with a bad cough....