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Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I'd like you all to meet, our own little Easter bunny. This was my Daughter's room mate, Haddes. She left him here when she moved away. She says he is too noisy and he keeps her awake at night, on purpose. As if a cute, not quite 2 lb. bunny could be that noisy. So now he lives with the rest of us and comes out to play with PugsLee. They run around and chase each other, unless there are carrots involved. If the Bunny get carrots, Pugslee has to have one also. She will even block the door the of the bunny cage, so he can't have any carrots. But now that I now this, I don't give Haddes any carrots, till PugsLee has one.
Haddes is a Netherland Dwarf, about 5 years old. He is very affectionate and cuddly. I think that if he made noise at night, maybe he just wanted attention. Well he's all better now, and he has a friend to play with.

When this pictures was taken, he had just knocked over the basket of eggs. He is kind of mischievous, but awfully darned cute!

I have been quilting on that linen. OK here is the 411 about linens. I bought this particular linen at an antique shop. I have now layer it like a quilt. I will turn it into a mini quilt, 32x42. I did not do any of the embroidery, it was all done for me. If there are stains, we still buy the linens cause it adds character, and this linen has several.

I feel that I am taking something old and giving it a new life. What will I do with this? I don't have any plans, but it looks so much like Spring that I will probably use it on a table. Also the great thing about little projects, there are completed sooner.
Take care, Brandie


Carrie P. said...

A very cute bunny indeed.

Sue-Anne said...

What a cute little rabbit! Wasn't it just yesterday you showed the linen, without any quilting? It looks amazing and I can't believe how quick you have quilted it!

ranette said...

I think you must go like the "energizer bunny" Brandy! You get so much fast! :o) The quilting on the linen is really pretty.

Haddes is a real cutie!