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Monday, March 22, 2010

Weekend fun

This weekend Gail, E and I went to a neighboring towns quilt show. It was a little road trip just for she girls. Gail knitted in the backseat (soon, she'll have one beautiful sock), while E drove, putting me up front as the navigator.
This town has a quilt show every year. We are trying to figure out how they do this. Are their guild members more active in quilt making? Or is it as I suspect, they repeat some of their quilts.
It was an OK show, we all had a hard time finding a favorite to vote on (we were just being snobs about it and thought our guild had better quilts).
There were a couple of photos that I did want to share with you. I thought this quilt was a great way to showcase large print fabrics.

This was an interesting strip quilt. It looked like it was part cathedral windows. Click on the pic to enlarge it and you will see the folded points. She won a ribbon, so it must be good.
This was my favorite. These are all self portraits of a first grade class. Their teacher then made the pictures into a quilt. How cute is that? Even though this was not a beautiful magazine quilt, I loved it.
Friday I made a stop a Morning star, and they had a class going. It was Cindy Needhams, Linen Ladies. They were all working on gorgeous linens. My mouth was salivating. So I came home and pulled out a couple of linens that I had previously marked. I know I should be working on my UFO's, but I'm so tried of them. I want to work on something pretty.
I don't know if I will use my marks, or come up with something different. Either way, this is what I'll be working on for the next couple of days. Till tomorrow....

Take care, Brandie


Carrie P. said...

Hey Brandie,
I really like that blue strip quilt. Very unique.
Are you adding your own embroidery to the linen that already had some or did you do the other stuff too? Either way it really is pretty.

Thimbleanna said...

Oooh, I LOVE that little first-grader quilt. I wish I'd seen something like that when my kids were little -- what a fun quilt that would have been to make for their classes. You made me laugh at your musings about being snobby -- I often feel the same way (and feel bad about it) about our local shows -- I think we get spoiled by the fantastic quilts at national shows!

Sue-Anne said...

Interesting quilts Brandie. I think I llike the blue strip one best. It's quite different. Love your linen too.