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Friday, February 26, 2010

More from the library

You have all seen this quilt before. I started my blog with this quilt. And again I didn't follow the rules. But I want you all to understand that the rules I break are quilting rules, not laws. I don't want you all thinking I'm a law breaker. So now that you all understand...this is my version of "Rose Abunda".
When I finished this quilt it was my favorite. It's very hard to pick a favorite quilt, just like kids.
They made these little posters and placed them around the library. Aren't the flowers beautiful?
This is what the original pattern looks like. I thought there was too much applique and that it took away from the the over-all look. And anyone who knows me, knows this is not my color scheme. Hence my colorless version.
Next week I have one more to show you. So till next week...
Take care, Brandie


Library Gal Quilts said...

Awesomely beautiful Brandie!

Sue-Anne said...

Your quilt is beautiful. I think you are clever to break away from what the pattern says.

ranette said...

So lovely!!!