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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Tricks? Or Treats?

It's the night that all kids dream of. A night filled with costumes and candies. Treat or trick?
I have both at my house. Those kids are in for a surprise!
First up, horribly bloody pumpkin cupcakes. Some are even clotting. Eewww!
Then we have the ugliest cupcakes ever seen. But hopefully the insides will make up for their looks. Oreo stuffed cupcakes with oreo frosting.
Monster munch for all those monsters needing a snack. I'd rather it be this than my fingers and toes!
Package it all up in a to-go container.
Have them all stacked by the door.
And for the vampires out there, I have a cute little box filled with munchies.
The only thing left to do, is don my witchy apparel. So I'm off to find my witchy personality. I said witchy, not B-----. That I already have down!

Oh and before I forget, This is the pattern that my Halloween quilt came from. As you can see, I don't follow rules to a "T". But this is where it started.
I meant to add this yesterday but as usual, I got side tracked.

Have a wonderful day and behave! I'll try to do the same.
Take care, Brandie


Marsha said...

Good job Brandie! I would like to trick or treat at your house!

Heather said...

My goodness what delightful goodies!

Teri said...

Good looking cupcakes.....what a fun house to go to.......

paulette said...

Love the treats!! And the pattern is to "die for" heeeheee.....(said in a scary Dracula voice)!!

Lori said...

Wow! Great treats!! Have fun!!

Wilma NC said...

Awesome!!! Love the little knives.

Lynn said...

Your Trick or Treaters hit the jackpot at your house Brandie!

Robin said...

You're the NICEST! I wanna come Trick or Treat at your house!!