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Monday, October 1, 2012

Knock, Knock

I have be busy with home improvements this weekend. Good news, it seems to have help me lose three more pounds!
Before. note the black door plates and black knobs
My first job. Paint those doors!
 I wanted a face lift that would perk up the house and give me the feeling of decorating without spending a ton of money.
I don't know about you but the our money isn't stretching as far as I think it should.
So frugal me (I'm learning) bought one can of paint and I'm going to use it for three different projects.
This is project one.
This door has been like this for about 20 years. Twenty-ish years ago I wanted to add something to this plain door because as you enter the hallway this is the first thing you see.
Hubby and I found a picture that we both liked and then he made a paper stencil of it. Funny thing is, about six years ago I came across the stencil and knew just what the slivers of paper all stuck together were. Too bad I didn't save it!
Fast forward to this weekend, Hubby was appalled that I was going to paint over the stencil! So we compromised, I repainted it. I'm really glad that I did!
I just love how Hubby captures the moment
One of the things I hated was the 80's colors. Well they ain't 80's no more! I changed those turquoise leaves to my favorite sage green. Much better! And while I was at it, I changed the purples to grays.
After, now look at the new-old porcelain door knobs. Better!

My sad interruption of an Alphonse Mucha drawing, my favorite atrist
I'm glad I took the time to repaint something that I loved. It helps to rethink and modernize.
See that poopy brown? That's next to go! 
Mr. Gray has been into so much trouble this weekend! But more about that tomorrow.

One can of  $28 Behr floor paint, four doors, six hours, equals freshness. Tomorrow I'll show you project two from this same can of paint.

Back to work for me. Time to check on the Mr. Gray and see what he is into.
Take care,


Linda said...

Gorgeous!!!! I love how dramatic the black looks as the backdrop to your new repainted motif!!!! Stunning really. You guys make a great artistic duo. Such a good idea to make a stencil first. I, too have been on a repainting kick and you are right about renovation dollar not going as far. Can't leave sweet Dorian out. :-)

Robin said...

Looking good! Can't wait to see more.

Lynette said...

Wow! When do we get to see the whole "new" door? :D That black behind the newly-colored stenciling is fabulous.